Let's face it, over the past few months Covid-19 has affected everybody in some way. Since the pandemic hit, I can't stop feeling terrible for all the new parents out there who now feel this sense of uncertainty, anxiety and lonliness. Experiences like baby showers, family and friends meeting the baby, getting maternity and newborn photos done, have all been taken away from them. A few weeks ago my friend Emily had her second baby. We were both feeling upset that she wouldn't be able to get professional photos done. I offered to edit some iphone photos for her, but she still wouldn't have anything of professional quality or something she could print. Feeling frusterated for her, I mentioned a "through the window" session to see if that was something she'd be open to. Emily loved the idea and we set it up quickly. This was a completely new experience for me shooting through a glass window and not knowing exactly how bad the reflections would be, but I love the result and I'm thrilled I was able to do this for her under these crazy circumstances.

If you or anyone you know is having a baby and is dissappointed about missing out on having their baby documented, I am offering 20 minute through the window sessions within the Centre Wellington area. Donations via EMT are encouraged and will be donated to the local food bank to help support families struggling to feed their families during this extremely difficult and challenging time.