I'm Sarah; A wife and mother to four beautiful children who are my world and reason for living. They are my teachers in this life - always testing, guiding, and grounding me in ways I never thought possible. They are my lifes greatest work, and continually push me to be the best version of myself. I also have a wonderful, loving and supportive husband who is my best friend, my lighthouse and my home. My family is everything to me.

My career as a photographer (formerly Labour of Love Photography) started 15 years ago. After a big move out to the village of Elora in 2014, we added two more children to our little brood and that's when I decided to put my career on hold to focus on those fleeting moments. Now with an awakened heart, I am returning to my passion.

I'm a lover of love and romantic at heart. I love rustic food, good wine, camping, pinterest, home decor, vintage, and an abundance of music. Creatively, I'm all over the map and I see life as a giant art form - from how you cook, to how you decorate your home, to the music you listen to. I believe in kindness and patience towards one another. Nature is my church and love is my religion. I'm usually a quiet and sensitive person that feels deeply, and I believe this helps me visualize and capture connections authetnically, with love, calmness, compassion, and empathy.

“In the end we'll all become stories”


“Sarah has been taking our family pictures for four years and her photos still take my breath away. Every year I’m shocked at how well she’s captured by children’s personalities and how beautiful the images are. Sarah is great with children and the photo shoot process is laid back and fun. Highly Recommend!”

“Sarah is a talented, passionate and absolutely wonderful person who makes you feel comfortable every step of the way. She is able to capture the personality and spirit of her subjects flawlessly. We adore her attention to details which bring you back to every emotion you were feeling at that moment in time. Sarah has a beautiful heart whose talent and passion for capturing the beauty and love in others is completely unique. ”

“When we first asked Sarah to take photos our family, I knew she would take candid shots of us in a comfortable way. She blew us away with her special eye for capturing emotion in her photos and we are forever grateful for her and being a part of telling our family’s story for many more years to come.”

“Sarah... these photos are AMAZING! You capture such beautiful moments of us every single time. We love working with you and hope to continue having you create these memories for our family!!”